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After 20 years based at Bankend, Dumfries Model Flying Club acquired the exclusive use of a new flying site in 2018. The location is at Moss Road, Mabie Meadows which is about six miles from Dumfries Town Centre. The flying site can be accessed from either the New Abbey Road (A710) or the Dalbeattie Road (A711), and it is marked on Google Maps. If necessary you may use the Contact Us page to obtain directions.

The site is in a rural location accessed via a single-track road with passing places. Members and visitors are asked to be considerate of other users of this narrow road, and should therefore drive their cars on to the flying site and NOT park on the road or in passing places. The field has hard standing for several cars, but vehicles (other than mobility scooters) must not be driven up to the pits area.

The flying site is free from obstacles and the Club has unlimited access, so flying is possible at all times (subject to wind and weather of course). The pilot stances face NNE, so the relative position of the sun is never a problem as it is always behind the flight line and within the No-Fly Zone. Most mornings, whenever the weather is favourable, there is a bunch of our retired members flying there from about 9.00am, and there is often flying all day at weekends.

Our site from above
The pits from above

However, DMFC Club Rules do include some restrictions on flying times for noisier models including all those powered by internal combustion (i/c) engines. Turbine-powered models are not permitted to fly from the site, and no more than four models are permitted to fly at any one time.

Our members mainly fly fixed-wing electric-powered models, but a few also fly glow or petrol engined models and one or two fly model helicopters in specially-allotted time slots. The field facilities include some large tables and a number of model stands with wing-restraining pillars.

Pilots agree on the most appropriate pilot stance as indicated by the windsock, and this is duly marked with a red and white moveable pole. Pilots must stand close enough to ensure that when flying any warning calls such as “Landing” or “Deadstick” can be clearly heard within the group. Attention is drawn to the Safety Matters page and to the Club Rules.

There is a Clubroom on the site where members can shelter and enjoy a coffee in the event of rain, and there are also two 12V charging points for members to recharge their flight batteries.

The club organises several social events during the main flying season. These usually include fun flying challenges and light-hearted competitions, and are always enjoyable occasions, often enhanced by a barbecue. The programme of events, together with other news items is available in the Club Newsletter which is published on this website.

Our clubroom
Inside our clubroom
barbecue outside the clubroom
Our site from the ground
Mabie flying site