The coronavirus and its associated government regulations and restrictions has affected the Club in several ways. Not least among these is the requirement for us to restrict the numbers of people attending our flying site at any one time, and the Club has introduced a prior booking system to keep accurate records of those who attend, in order to comply with the Scottish government “Test and Protect” (“Track and Trace”) rules.

The current regulations and restrictions also impact heavily and negatively upon our ability to welcome visitors and spectators. While the restrictions are in place we cannot welcome spectators at all, and anyone who visits the site without a prior booking will be asked to leave the site immediately. Non-members who wish to visit the site should first contact the Club Chairman so that the “Test and Protect” pre-booking system is not compromised.

The covid restrictions also make it impossible for us offer flying tuition at present, which effectively means that we cannot accept membership applications from those who are new to the hobby. Model flying tuition requires social interaction in close proximity and mutual handling of equipment and models, so the Club therefore has had no choice but to withdraw the offer of flying training for beginners until further notice. However we are hopeful that the present restrictions will be lifted at some point, and for anyone interested in taking up the hobby there is much that can be done in preparation for that. A good starting point would be to download the articles we publish on this website - many of them aimed at helping newcomers to climb the several learning curves involved, and also to download the excellent booklets available from the BMFA. There are also useful videos you can view right here on our website, including a “Getting Started” video produced by the BMFA. If you are returning to the hobby after a break of many years you will probably find that much has changed. Most notable is that quiet electric power has largely (although not completely) taken over from the internal combustion engine. Model flying is just as much fun as ever though, and the new technologies are not difficult to master.

The Club is able to accept membership applications from experienced radio-control model flyers, subject to normal Club rules, including proof of current membership of BMFA or SAA together with proof of a minimum of a current SAA “Bronze” or BMFA “A” accreditation.

Experienced non-member model flyers and others wishing to visit and fly at the Club site may do so, subject to these rules, provided that they first contact the Club Chairman for his agreement, and thereby also obtain the necessary time-slot booking in compliance with the government regulations above. Flyers also must provide proof of of current membership of either SAA or BMFA and a minimum of current SAA “Bronze” or BMFA “A” accreditation.

Visitors are not permitted to fly alone at our site if no Club members are present, and non-flying visitors are not permitted to enter the flying area. Visitors, including guests of current members, who fulfil the above criteria and who wish to fly at our club site may attend and fly on up to four occasions per year. If they wish to exceed this number of visits they must apply for full club membership. It should be understood that the provision and maintenance of a superb flying site such as ours is a considerable on-going expense to our small Club, and donations to the Club by visitors enjoying our facilities are gratefully received. The Club reserves the right to refuse access to our site to any person at any time without explanation, and Club Officers have the right to exercise such a ban without prior notice.

A range of relevant information and documentation is published in the Club Details page of this website, including Club Rules, Club Constitution, Committee Members, Privacy Notice, details of Membership Subscriptions and Fees and Membership Application Form. A Guide for Beginners and other useful articles can also be viewed and downloaded from the Articles page, and there are links to SAA and BMFA in the Useful Links page of this website.