Welcome to the Dumfries Model Flying Club

Dumfries Model Flying Club was founded in 1977 and has provided a facility for flying model aircraft in the local area for well over forty years. As such it provides an important and valuable local amenity for people of all ages who have an interest in aviation. Our members fly radio-controlled model aircraft of various types, and the club provides an excellent well-organised flying site and a friendly social environment which help to make our favourite hobby both richly rewarding and thoroughly enjoyable.

Model flying is fun, but safety is always an important consideration and there are rules and regulations governing all forms of aviation, which is why membership of a properly-constituted club is important for anyone who wishes to fly any form of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV). Although not particularly onerous, the rules provide important safeguards for everyone involved, so the Club is an important source of information and guidance in this regard.

Model flying is not necessarily an unduly expensive activity and can cost a lot less than many other comparable sports and hobbies. The Club requires members to carry third-party insurance obtained via membership of the British Model Flying Association, but even this is inexpensive, and membership provides many other benefits too.

Ours is a friendly club, so there is a very enjoyable social side to our hobby, and our members help and support each other in various ways. There are many aspects of flying model aircraft which makes it an interesting and occasionally challenging hobby, with great social and health benefits too, but the bottom line is that it's great fun!