Come and join us

The Club welcomes new members, whether experienced model flyers or novices wishing to take up the hobby, and the Club offers trial flights using dual-control transmitters for anyone who would like to "have a go" to see if they like it before committing to membership.

However there have been periods when government coronavirus regulations have made it impossible for us conduct trial flights or to accept new members who are inexperienced in model flying because we were not able to provide one-to-one flying tuition. The situation is constantly under review and the latest information is available from our News and Covid Updates newsletter which is published on this website. As some of the legal restrictions apply to visitors to the site as well as to members, please read this information before attending the site.

We do like to meet prospective members before joining, and it is only natural that most would like to visit the flying site and meet some of our members too. However the Scottish Government “Trace and Protect” (”Track-and-Test” equivalent) rules require that all attendances are pre-booked and records maintained for three weeks. We also have to limit the number of people on the Club flying site, and therefore prospective members should not visit the Club flying site except by prior arrangement which may be via contact with a member of the Club Committee, or via the Contact Us page on this website.

If appropriate, a mutually convenient booking time will be arranged and confirmed so that a Committee member can meet you at the Club flying site and introduce you to other members. When contacting us, please indicate your age if you are under 18 years old, and tell us whether you are an experienced model flyer or new to the hobby. It is also helpful to tell us if there are any particular types of model you want to fly, and if there are any restrictions on the times you are able attend the site (eg. weekends only).

Please browse the Club Details on this website and be sure to carefully read our Club Constitution, our Club Rules and our Privacy Policy, because if you apply to join you must agree to be bound by the terms of these documents (you can download them too).

If you would then like to join the Club there is a simple procedure to follow. Firstly you need to read the details of the Subscriptions and Fees that will be payable when you join. Then, download and print out an Application Form from this Website, and complete all the details by hand, including your signature which is required.

Send the completed form, together with your remittance for the appropriate fees, to the DMFC Club Treasurer - (his address is printed on the Application Form). You will be sent a Membership Card as a receipt for your Subscriptions, and also the necessary Contact Details to enable you to book your flying sessions in order to comply with the regulations mentioned above.