Come and join us

Before you formally apply to join the Club, we’d like to meet you, and no doubt you’d like to meet us and some of our members, and have a look at our flying site. Model flying embraces quite a lot of different interests and disciplines from gliders to helicopters to aerobatic models or scale warplanes, so we can discuss any specific interests you have and help you to get what you want from the club.

So the first thing to do is to contact us via the “Contact Us” page on this website. Please indicate your age if you are under 18 years old, and tell us whether you are an experienced model flyer or new to the hobby. It's also helpful to tell us if there are any particular types of model you want to fly. We normally then arrange for someone to meet you at the flying field to give you an introduction to what we’re about. If you already know a Club Member, you can just come along to our flying field with them. When you come you’ll be introduced to some of our members at the site and you can feel free to ask any questions you want. After this you can attend on your own a few times, but please liaise with the other members to be sure you don’t arrive at an empty field! (Remember, model flying is very weather dependent). If you are new to the hobby and are going to require flying tuition, mention this to the person who first meets you, and they will try to introduce you to a member who can mentor you through the early learning stages. You should also read our Guide For Beginners which can be downloaded from this Website.

If you are returning to the hobby after a break of many years you will probably find that much has changed. Most notable is that quiet electric power has largely (although not completely) taken over from the internal combustion engine. Model flying is just as much fun as ever though, and the new technologies are not difficult to master.

Please browse this Website and be sure to carefully read our Club Constitution, our Club Rules and our Privacy Policy, because if you apply to join you must agree to be bound by the terms of these documents (you can download them too). If you are an experienced model flyer and a member of either SAA or BMFA, you will be asked for verification of your SAA or BMFA Membership, so please bring the documentation with you when you come. We will also need evidence of a current SAA “Bronze” or BMFA “A” accreditation if you wish to fly solo at our site.

If you’d then like to join the Club, and we hope you will, there is a simple procedure to follow. Firstly you need to read the details of the Club Subscriptions and Fees that will be payable when you join. Then, download and print out an Application Form from this Website, and complete all the details by hand. Send the completed form, together with your remittance for the appropriate fees, to the DMFC Club Treasurer - (his address is on the Application Form). You will be sent a Membership Card as a receipt for your Subscriptions, and Contact Details of the other members so that you can arrange to meet up with them for flying sessions. By then you will already know a few of our members, and you can attend the site whenever you wish. Of course if you need flying tuition, you’ll need to liaise with your mentor or another experienced member who can assist you, so you can meet up with them at the field.