Prospective members are cordially invited to visit our flying site a few times to help determine whether they wish to take up the hobby and become a member. Visitors are also welcome at our site subject to our Safety Rules and Regulations, although non-flying visitors are not permitted to enter the flying area.

Visitors who are experienced flyers, with at least current SAA “Bronze” or BMFA “A” Certificate accreditation may fly unsupervised subject to Club Rules PROVIDED they can prove that they have valid and current Third Party Insurance cover by proof of current membership of either SAA or BMFA.

Visitors, including guests of current members, who fulfil the above criteria and who wish to fly at our club site may attend and fly on up to four occasions per year, after which they must apply for club membership. It should be understood that the provision and maintenance of a superb flying site such as ours is a considerable on-going expense to our small Club, and experienced flyers who are holidaying in our region are similarly welcome, subject to the above rules, but are requested to contribute a donation to our club of £10 per session or £30 per week, payable at the site to any Club Officer present. Please note that visitors are not permitted to fly alone at our site if no Club members are present.

The Club reserves the right to refuse access to our site to any person at any time without explanation, and Club Officers have the right to exercise such a ban without prior notice.

All new members taking up the hobby for the first time, or returning after a long break are advised to download the Members Handbook and other useful literature from the BMFA Website and to study it thoroughly.

A Guide for Beginners can also be viewed and downloaded from the Downloads page of this website.